Receiving assistance with house cleaning has become a requirement in this age and day. It does not mean luxury anymore. Also, there are a lot of options. You could either hire a cleaning company or hire an individual.  

Cleaning Service 

Several companies are local, family operated businesses and some of them are franchises.  

Hiring Virginia Beach maid services must ensure that your house is kept in the best conceivable way by professionals in the field. This gives you a lot of time to do other work.  

  • How Do You Set Your Rates? 

Usually, a cleaning service charges a per-hour rate for the first visit. However, they might also charge by the number of workers they sent or by the project. 

Let the company give you estimates on how much time will it need to clean your house. A cleaning service must provide you a flat fee for every following visit depending on the situation of your home, needs and how often you would need them.  

You can also avoid costs that are not wanted by having a limit on the number of hours the workers would be in your house.  

  • Do You Perform a Background Examination on Workers? 

Well-known companies conduct background examinations on all of their workers. You act as their employer whenever you hire an individual cleaner. Therefore, you are responsible for performing background examinations. Background examinations could make sure the protection of you and your house by letting you know who’s arriving your house. 

Also, cleaning companies must be able to inform you whether the same worker would be sent to your house every time.  

  • Are You Bonded and Insured? 

A professional cleaning service would bring bond and liability insurance and have a policy on hand in case something goes missing, or gets damaged or broken in your house.  

This would give you peace of mind and security during the project. You might want to tell the cleaning service if you have something that needs special attention. 

  • Do You Have Compensation for your Workers? 

A company that hires workers and a contractor that is pays social, state, and federal taxes and on their payroll should give their workers with compensation on the occasion that a worker gets harmed. Thus, you as a homeowner will not be liable.  

  • Do you Have Cleaning Supplies and Equipment? 

Several companies have their own supplies and equipment. On the other hand, others might bring only the equipment and you might be the one to provide cleaning supplies. You must be able to replace your own in the occasion that you are not happy with the cleaning supplies that they provide. 

A company could use both environmentally friendly and conventional cleaning supplies these days. Thus, beforehand, you must ensure to know the difference.  

  • What Must I do with my Pets? 

Present your pets to the employee before the initial visit if possible, especially if you will not be in the house during the project. Also, you must ask if there will be extra fees for cleaning a house with a pet.